I am currently trying to learn how to write an operating system, from scratch, for the fun of it. I have a few ARM boards, but I also want to get my hands on the Intel Edison, which is a 32-bit 500Mhz dual core Atom SoC designed for the internet of thingamajigs. It’ll be a while before I even get something usable running, but I’ve started to write a little kernel called Treehouse which you can follow the progress of on my Github page.

I don’t have a lot of time to work on it, so progress will be slow, but I would like to document what I do on this blog, mainly for my own records but if you’re interested you can try it out too. Currently you can run it within Qemu or Bochs, and it boots up and prints a little banner. You’ll need a baremetal 32-bit x86 compiler or cross-compiler (if you’re on something else, like amd64) to compile it.