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LaTeX Calendar Generator

It’s new year’s eve and what better way to celebrate it than by printing out your own custom calendar for the next year (okay there are far, far better ways to celebrate new years eve, but this is how I’m doing it). My friend Lian Tze has created a LaTeX template that you can autogenerate a cool printable calendar from, and you can find it here.

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Happy 50th Anniversary, Star Trek!

We take a break from writing about computers to pay tribute to a fantastic TV show that has inspired generations of scientists and engineers because their imaginations were sparked by Star Trek. On this day 50 years ago, the first episode of Star Trek aired in the United States. Curiously it wasn’t the pilot that aired first, but the third episode entitled The Man Trap (it’s the one with the shape-shifting salt monster). When the series first aired, we didn’t have cell phones or iPads or Google. In 1966, we hadn’t even landed on the moon yet. However we saw it all first imagined on Star Trek. Thanks for the fun and inspiration, Gene Roddenberry and the cast, crew, writers and producers of all the Star Trek shows.

USS Enterprise And Nur

In 2013 I saw the original USS Enterprise model at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum in DC.

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Hello World!

Hi, I’m Nur.

I like tinkering with computers, and occasionally I even manage to make them work.

The most fun you can have (IMHO) is figuring out how the machine works at the most fundamental software level: the operating system.

This blog is to write down the stuff I find out while I’m doing my tinkering, and share it. Who knows, it might be interesting and useful for someone else too.

Starting this year I am working on a number of little projects that will hopefully let me understand the inner workings of embedded ARM systems, among other things. In the following days I hope to write about my experiences writing systems code for two embedded boards: The Pandaboard and the Raspberry Pi.

Happy new year and happy hacking!

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